Example maps made using BatchGeo


Our customers love how simple it is to create a fully featured map by copying their spreadsheet data into BatchGeo. Addresses and other location columns are automatically geocoded. Additional data is added to the info box for each map marker and can be grouped and filtered.

Below you’ll find some of our favorite examples of BatchGeo maps in action.

Geocode Addresses

Landmark map

Plot any notable locations on a map, whether in your neighborhood or across the country. This example shows landmarks on historic route 66 that can be filtered by category, such as gas stations and motels.


March Madness map

As any college basketball fan knows, some schools frequently make it farther than others in the annual men’s tournament. We looked back at every year since the tradition began in 1939 to see who has the most final four appearances, championship game appearances, and total wins. Plotted on a BatchGeo map, there’s the team logo in every marker info box, and you can narrow your results using the group selector in the lower left.


Alternative fuel stations map

Data in a spreadsheet comes alive when BatchGeo converts it into a map. We believe your data has stories to tell. In this case we found a large public dataset and used it to expose trends in US alternative fueling stations. Our map clustering technology visually summarizes over 10,000 stations to show how common each type is regionally. As you zoom and filter, the clusters update.


Recent popular user maps

Every day our users make thousands of maps, from sales leads to business locations to property listings. If you have data in an Excel spreadsheet, BatchGeo can help it make sense. Have a look at these popular maps made in the past week using our free service.


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